BlOOR St, 469 Bloor st,west
Toronto, ON M5S 1X9, Tel: (416)964-8849
EGLINTON AVE, 804 Eglinton avenue,east
Toronto,ON,M4G2L1, Tel: (647)748-8849

Soft Drinks$1.99

Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Orange soda, Lemonade,Ginger Ale.

Iced Tea$2.29


Rich and creamy yogurt drink served sweet or salted.

Mango Lassi$4.49

Blend of Yogurt and mango puree served chilled.

Nimbo Pani (Water/Soda)$12.19

Freshly squeezed lemon served with soda and a dash of rock salt.


Regular & Decaf.

Himalayan Tea$2.19

Nepalese tea, served black.

Masala Tea$2.49

Tea leaves boiled with milk and selected herbs.

Choices of Juice$2.99

Sparkling Bottle water Perrier$2.99